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end of support information


End of support information

Did you know?

Oracle's systems support policies only commit to providing guaranteed support for their engineered systems products for five (5) years from when they were last sold (last ship date).

Extend Exadata Support with Natrinsic

Natrinsic provides an extended support solution for Exadata appliances with SLAs for hardware and remote responses you can depend on.

Exadata appliances achieve their impressive performance and reliability in part due to their highly interdependent configuration of hardware, operating system and software. This complexity requires a team of experienced engineers to properly maintain and repair them properly.

The Natrinsic Exadata support team is experienced in providing a break-fix service that covers:

  • All storage, server, and networking hardware
  • Linux OS/Exadata software/Database software
For Exadata X6 appliances
Oracle Support Ends in:

Understanding Oracle's End of support policy



Natrinsic's experts can help you to determine when support ends for your Oracle Engineered System. Oracle publishes all of the information required to confirm the end of support date for your system. Some of these documents are available to the general public, while others are located on the My Oracle Support portal, which will require you to have access.

It boils down to this:

  • Once your system reaches five (5) years past the "last ship date," Oracle no-longer stands by their response SLAs OR their hardware availability. 
    • "After five years from last ship date, replacement parts may not be available and/or the response times for sending replacement parts may be delayed." * (Source Link - page 12,18,19,21,23)
    • Natrinsic refers to this as the "effective end-of-support date" in the table below.
  • Oracle WILL still sell you a support service for your engineered system after it reaches five (5) years past its last ship date, it just won't guarantee hardware, or when/if a field engineer will arrive to fix your system.

How to check your appliance last ship date:


Oracle Exadata End-Of-Life: By appliance generation

Exadata appliance generation Last Ship Date (LSD) Effective end-of-support (EOS) date Additional References
Exadata Database Machine V1 October, 2009 October, 2014 (1)
Exadata Database Machine V2 October, 2010 October, 2015 (1
Exadata Database Machine X2-2 September, 2012 September, 2017 (1)
Exadata Database Machine X2-8 November, 2012 November, 2017 (1)
Exadata Database Machine X3-2 February, 2014 February, 2019  (1)
Exadata Database Machine X3-8 December, 2014 December, 2019  (1)
Exadata Database Machine X4-2 March, 2015 March, 2020  (1)
Exadata Database Machine X4-8 October, 2015 October, 2020  (1)
Exadata Database Machine X5-2 July, 2016 July, 2021  (1,2,3)
Exadata Database Machine X5-8 March, 2016 March, 2021 (1)
Exadata Database Machine X6-2 November, 2017 November, 2022 (1)
Exadata Database Machine X6-8 November, 2017 November, 2022 (1)
Exadata Database Machine X7-2 June, 2019 June, 2024 (1)
Exadata Database Machine X7-8 June, 2019 June, 2024 (1)

Oracle SuperCluster End-Of-Life: By appliance generation

SuperCluster appliance generation Last Ship Date (LSD) Effective end-of-support (EOS) date
SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 September, 2013 September, 2018
SuperCluster T5-8 August, 2016 August, 2021
SuperCluster M6-32 December, 2016 December, 2021
SuperCluster M7-8 December, 2017 December, 2022
SuperCluster M8 June, 2019 June, 2024

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