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IBM has announced the end-of-support (EOS or End-of-life) dates for all four generations of Netezza / IBM PureData analytics appliances.

Natrinsic has been providing an extended support service in this market for 3+ years to Fortune 500 companies around the world. We are currently supporting all four models of Netezza appliances in both a production and non-production capacity.


Natrinsic provides an extended support solution for ALL of the Netezza models below.

The tables below provide the EOS dates for each generation and model, along with a link to the associated IBM published notification to confirm these dates.

  • Netezza Mako models listed with yellow highlight have EOS scheduled for April 2023.

  • Netezza Skimmer, Twinfin and Striper models listed in red font below have already passed their EOS dates. 

Please note: For Skimmer, Twinfin, Striper and Mako appliances, IBM is NOT offering an extended support service beyond their announced end-of-support date. Natrinsic IS providing an extended support service for all Netezza / IBM PureData appliances.


Netezza / IBM PureData Models Expiring in April 2023

The table below lists IBM Netezza Mako (N3001-XXX) models that are due to come to the end of their support life with IBM in April 2023. 

Natrinsic offers support for the Mako appliance today.

Model name Model number GA date End of marketing date End of support date Link to IBM notice Natrinsic Support Price
Mako 1/4 rack N3001-002 17-08-2014 10-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2023* LINK N3001-002 quote
Mako-3 N3001-005 17-08-2014 10-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2023* LINK N3001-005 quote
Mako-6 N3001-010 17-08-2014 10-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2023* LINK N3001-010 quote
Mako-12 N3001-020 17-08-2014 10-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2023* LINK N3001-020 quote
Mako-24 N3001-040 17-08-2014 10-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2023* LINK N3001-040 quote
Mako-48 N3001-080 17-08-2014 10-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2023* LINK N3001-080 quote

Netezza / IBM PureData Models already out of support with IBM

The tables below list Netezza / IBM PureData models that have already reached their end of support life.

Natrinsic offers support for all Striper, TwinFin and Skimmer appliances today.

Model name Model number GA date End of marketing date End of support date Link to IBM notice Natrinsic Support Price
Skimmer N100-1 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N100-1 quote
TwinFin-3 N1001-002 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-002 quote
TwinFin-6 N1001-005 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-005 quote
TwinFin-12 N1001-010 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-010 quote
TwinFin-18 N1001-015 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-015 quote
TwinFin-24 N1001-020 4-11-2011 30-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-020 quote
TwinFin-36 N1001-030 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-030 quote
TwinFin-48 N1001-040 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-040 quote
TwinFin-72 N1001-060 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-060 quote
TwinFin-96 N1001-080 4-11-2011 20-Jun-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N1001-080 quote
Striper-6 N2001-005 1-02-2013 16-May-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N2001-005 quote
Striper-12 N2001-010 1-02-2013 16-May-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N2001-010 quote
Striper-24 N2001-020 1-02-2013 16-May-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N2001-020 quote
Striper-36 N2001-040 1-02-2013 16-May-2014 30-Jun-2019 LINK N2001-040 quote


Model name Model number GA date End of marketing date End of support date Link to IBM notice Natrinsic Support Price
Striper Gen 2 N2002-002 5-05-2015 30-Jun-2015 30-Jun-2020 LINK N2002-002 quote
Striper Gen 2 N2002-005 5-05-2015 30-Jun-2015 30-Jun-2020 LINK N2002-005 quote
Striper Gen 2 N2002-010 5-05-2015 30-Jun-2015 30-Jun-2020 LINK N2002-010 quote
Striper Gen 2 N2002-020 5-05-2015 30-Jun-2015 30-Jun-2020 LINK N2002-020 quote
Striper Gen 2 N2002-040 5-05-2015 30-Jun-2015 30-Jun-2020 LINK N2002-040 quote

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