Don't lose sleep over Netezza support

Don't lose sleep over Netezza support

Computer operational support teams -- and the organisations that rely upon them -- have many potential issues to monitor on a daily basis. Keeping all systems healthy, protected from intrusion, refreshed, backed-up and highly available to users around the clock; are key to delivering quality Information Technology services.

Your data warehouse may be the biggest and most complex technology ecosystem in your enterprise. It is typically the hub of many interconnected systems, data providers and consumers. You need to be sure it is supported properly.

When it is running smoothly and consistently; it may blend into the background of enterprise systems. But it still is a comprehensive data source upon which your user community depends. When it is offline, data cannot be refreshed or queried; interrupting vital corporate reporting, data mining and analytics, at a minimum.

We’ve got your back!

At Natrinsic, Data Warehousing is our focus, strength and passion! We recognise that your team may be contending with new concerns surrounding IBM’s announced retirement of support for Netezza appliances; beginning earlier this year and with another wave set to occur in mid-2020. Our expert administrators have years of hands-on experience and are dedicated to ensuring you get the support that you need. Let us take this big worry off your plate.

We offer Managed Services specifically to liberate you from the burden of actively monitoring your Netezza appliances and having to allocate resources to respond when hardware issues arise. The 24x7x365 support we provide enables your team to be focused on more strategic planning for your future data warehouse; as well as your other operational duties of course.

Rather than just stand by for something to go bump in the night, however, we take proactive steps to monitor- and report upon the health and ongoing activity of your Netezza appliances. The built-in system diagnostics on these devices are highly detailed and cover a massive number of components and features within the appliances. To the layperson, the verbose diagnostic reports can be quite dense with data content; which may be challenging to interpret. We have boiled them down to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are most valuable to watch.

Get Your Appliance Health Report Card

We are excited to announce a new edition of our Natrinsic Monthly Health Check Report. This customised document highlights those factors that are most critical to any company with Netezza appliances in their enterprise. These reports will be published to our customer portal for your reference at any time. When each report is created and published, a notification will be shared with each customer directly, so that you may reference them at your convenience and consult with us as-needed.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 12.14.46 PM

You may download a sample report for an example of the KPIs it illustrates for regular attention.

If you are not already a Natrinsic Managed Services customer, we would be thrilled to discuss your specific needs and get you onboard with this program.

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