Plot a new course

Plot a new course

Customer loyalty to the Netezza brand remained strong for a time.  It even held up after IBM re-labeled the appliances as PureData System for Analytics (PDA) systems a few years ago.For

Netezza / IBM PureData customers, it’s time to plot a new course!

Netezza as we know it is fading over the horizon…

Given IBM’s decision to move on from Netezza, however, each remaining Netezza customer has to decide what comes next for their Data Warehouse to ensure future productivity and stability.

When IBM acquired Netezza back in 2010, many of us surely began to fear that this day would eventually arrive:  IBM announces Netezza End Of Support.  

Some Netezza customers who have settled into a comfortable symbiosis with IBM may choose to stay the course and adopt the changes necessary to move into the IBM Integrated Analytics System(IIAS, a.k.a., ‘Sailfish’) as the path of least resistance. For everyone else, there are several other viable migration channels to consider.

Natrinsic stands ready to help Netezza customers plot a new course, and execute a successful transition to their future Enterprise Data Warehouse. Now that we have reached the end-of-support for Skimmer, TwinFin and Striper Gen-1 series appliances — and the countdown to Striper Gen-2 series end-of-support is underway — it is time to shore up your Enterprise’s support plan, and set a new course soon!

We’ve been there…

The Natrinsic team has helped guide many customers through challenging transitions before; as just about any established Professional Services firm in this domain could claim. Moreover our team has been on the customer side; pouring our expertise, time and energy into building world-class Enterprise Data Warehouses and continually honing their effectiveness. We too have been in the same position as Netezza customers are now; facing the retirement of a trusted Data Warehouse platform.

Our engineers and architects know Netezza very well, having been end-users, administrators or engineers installing Netezza in the field. We understand the precedent set by these popular appliances, and are familiar with the end-user expectations they have created. Netezza set the bar at a high level for performance, reliability and ease of management. We are highly aware of this point when suggesting new technology to replace what your organization relies upon today.

We’ve done that…

Most Data Warehouse product vendors will claim that their platforms can accommodate Netezza database objects and all their content with only minimal translation. This may be generally true in many instances. But as the saying goes, “The devil is in the details!”

Data Warehouses are not just the typical constructs like Tables, Views and Synonyms. They may also contain Stored Procedures, User Defined- or systematic Functions. More complex systems could also contain custom database scripts that need to be evaluated and considered for the target environment.

Any Data Warehousing team would have a very good idea of the form- and content of their Data Warehouse overall. However, even the best internal teams may be challenged to identify which tables and other objects are actually used, how often and to what extent?

Before undertaking any migration to a new platform with you, the Natrinsic team helps to evaluate the current state.  Our team will develop a “heat map” of the Enterprise’s Data Warehouse.  This exercise helps illustrate the most heavily trafficked objects versus those areas where data may be stale and seldom accessed.

Netezza metadata and query history contain a wealth of information about the contents of the Enterprise’s Data Warehouse. But perhaps more importantly, this resource clearly depicts how your enterprise uses its data. Our expert engineers have developed utility queries that go far beyond what is made available through typical database scripts.

We’re here for you…

Natrinsic has partnerships with various major players in the Data Warehouse field. But we are platform-agnostic when offering Professional Services to companies seeking a new direction. We are helping Netezza customers transition to a new Enterprise Data Warehousetoday.

We bring a unique perspective to our customers, one not skewed toward any one vendor’s particular set of features & benefits. Our team will help identify and document our customers’ unique requirements and meet them with today’s leading data warehousing options.

We start by listening and learning what your requirements entail. Our first step is getting to know your Data Warehouse practice to understand where you are and what you have. Next we discover what constraints may be imposed on the transition plan. Then we can scope out the level of effort and time horizon. This provides the map of where you can reasonably go next.

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If this sounds like a journey that you want to take with Natrinsic — as your experienced and very capable guide — please contact us via or call +1 800-891-2190 to begin an exploration of your future Enterprise Data Warehouse.

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