Teradata 2800/2850: unique appliances to support!

Teradata 2800/2850: unique appliances to support!

UPDATED: Jan 5th, 2024

Launched in April 2015, the 2800/2850 Data Warehouse appliance from Teradata was a major step up in the data warehousing appliance space. With in-memory processing with double the capacity and half the physical size, the 2800/2850 was positioned as a “data warehouse, data mart, disaster recovery system, or as an analytical sandbox for testing and development.”

Teradata leverages technology from Dot Hill Systemsdothill-removebg-preview

Another key feature of the 2800/2850 was the incorporation of storage technology from a now-defunct manufacturer called Dot Hill Systems. The 2800 was the second system in the family to use Dot Hill components (following the 1700, and later joined by the 2850 and 1800 systems).

“Dot Hill has proven to be a strong and flexible go-to-market partner,”said Chris Twogood, vice president, Teradata products and services. “The Ultra48 provides a compelling storage solution for Teradata’s Data Warehouse Appliance 2800 with the ability to store up to 320 terabytes in a single cabinet, a 300 percent improvement over the previous generation. Saving valuable space and energy, this ultra-density array is extremely efficient and robust, which makes it highly suitable for big data applications, data mining, reporting, and analytics.”

Dot Hill was subsequently acquired by Seagate shortly after the launch announcement of the 2800 in October, 2015. Over time, Seagate sunset the former Dot Hill technology.

Extending support beyond 2023

Fast forward to 2024, and the Teradata 2800 customer-base is now dealing with the recent end of support on July 31st in 2023. Those customers using 2850 systems don't find themselves in a much better position, with support due to lapse on March 30th of this year. Last sold in 2017, many clients are still leveraging the 2800/2850 in a production capacity today and would love to continue to do so.

kham-web       "With it's Dot Hill storage technology, the 2800 and 2850 systems from Teradata poses unique challenges with respect to extending support for them. Natrinsic's team of senior Teradata engineers has many years of Dot Hill support experience. In fact we are supporting 2800 systems in a production capacity with Fortune 500 companies today."

Kham Khayduangta


Why choose Natrinsic to extend the useful life of your Teradata 2800?
  1. Software AND Hardware support 
    • Natrinsic's team of Teradata support engineers are available 24x7x365 to resolve faults in your system whether they are rooted in a hardware failure, or an issue with the system software and/or configuration.
  2. Dot Hill Systems knowledge & experience
    • Our most senior L3 engineers come to Natrinsic after more than a decade of Teradata support experience with the OEM. This experience includes years of direct support of Dot Hill systems like the 2800 and 2850.
  3. Dedicated 2800/2850 spares
    • Natrinsic is so confident in its stocking and supply of 2800/2850 components that we are currently offering support contracts as long as 36 months to our clients. These parts are dedicated to each customer, and often stored on-site.
  4. Trust
    • Natrinsic is the largest 3rd party provider of OEM-like support for Data Warehouses in the world. More than 100 of some of the world's largest business trust Natrinsic to keep their data warehouses operating at peak performance. 

If you are interested in learning more about Natrinsic's Teradata support service, please visit www.natrinsic.com/teradata, email sales@natrinsic.com, or call us on +1-800-891-2190.

- Natrinsic Engineering

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